Aberdeen's Only
Shuffleboard Social Spot

Shuffleboard Packages

*Minimum 8 people per package, selected beers, wine, fizz, spirit & mixers or cocktails.

Snacks are provided for all bookings. Poppin Bottles drinks menu available for ordering. We have food covered too, Boozy Cow hot buffet options are available on request.

Walk-ins are available for parties under 8 people, subject to availability. Advanced booking is recommended. £20 deposit required for everyone that wants to shuffle, this is for puck security.

Everyday we're Shufflin'


Shuffleboard Rules

Never played shuffleboard before? Let these handy rules be your guide:

  • 2 Players – First to 15 points. 4 players (2 teams of 2) – First to 21 points
  • Team Games – one player from each team on each end of board
  • Coin toss to decide what colour and who shoots first (2nd shoot has advantage)
  • Puck must be fully in score zone to gain point
  • The puck furthest down the board is the winner of the round
  • You only gain points if you win the round
  • You can only gather points from pucks that are ahead of your opponents
  • A Hanger is worth 4 points – when your puck overhangs the very end of the table but does not fall off/gets knocked off
  • In a case of a tied round no points are awarded and round must be played again

*Selected drinks include draft Tennents, Heineken or Guinness, bottles of Estrella, Peroni, Corona or WKD Blue. Wine includes 175ml of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Zinfandel Roseor Negromara. Spirits include Absolut, Morgans Spiced, Bacardi, Brugal Anejo, JJ Whitley Dry Gin, Jim Beam Double Oak or Courvoisier VS. Draft Mixers only. Cocktail of the Month, any cocktail from the ‘Untouchables’ page on cocktail menu or Sex On The Beach / Strawberry Woo Woo.